Bi Partisanship

Again this week we're treated to reports of bipartisanship coming out of Washington as President Trump reaches across the isle to work with Democrats on immigration. A couple responses are emerging: calls for ideological purity from both the left and right, and a wary middle wondering if some other shoe will drop. The question is of course is whether we are actually hungry governance. Governance requires the hard work of compromise, and compromise runs counter to advocacy for the ideological purists. On the left and the right the media highlight people who bemoan having given up too much to the opposition; conflict makes for interesting television and reading. But are we really that divided? People who support strengthening border security don't support it because they like sending people to lives of abject suffering, and people who want to let immigrants stay don't want to do so to subvert the law. The cartoonizing of the other side makes it impossible to find common ground. Simply put, no one wants He-Man to sit down with Skeletor to figure out a solution that suits both sides, however, if we don't sit down and commit to compromise, the only option left is domination. After decades of bemoaning partisan gridlock, maybe giving up something to the other side is in order. 

John PatrickComment