Episode 10 - Is "Baby, Its Cold Outside" a date rape anthem?

It's one of the most beloved songs of the holiday season, but does this Christmas classic have a more insidious meaning?  John and Josh explore this controversy as well as discussing some ideas on how we should approach texts in general when they were created in a different culture / time. 

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Episode 9 - Does God Exist?

No controversy is too large for us to take on here at On That Point!  This week we are joined by PHD student Carl Decker to examine arguments for and against the existence of the almighty, along with discussions on the creation of the universe, and concepts of the infinite and eternal!

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Episode 6 - The Right to Die

Is life a right or a duty, and what's the difference between the two? Should people have the right to commit suicide? If we allow for Euthanasia, can we protect people from abuse? 

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